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Pediatra Suizo Baby Cream Spray to Launch in Peru

GBT Pharma, owners of the Pediatra Suizo brand, is delighted to announce a new partnership with Negociar S.A.C. The leading healthcare distributor will oversee the launch of our unique baby cream spray into the Peruvian healthcare market.

The spray, which offers a fast, hygienic way to apply nappy cream will be launched across pharmacies in Peru from June 2018.

Formulated with protecting zinc and soothing chamomile and calendula the concentrated, gentle cream helps to protect baby's delicate nappy area. It forms a protective layer to prevent friction and irritation on baby's delicate skin and works to heal irritated, sore skin.

Mr. Ramon Vargas, General Manager at Negociar S.A.G comments: "We have been delighted in the interest from the market in this fantastic product. Many of our contacts have been keen to introduce this unique Swiss-made product into their portfolio. It allows them to offer their customers an effective solution to this common childhood ailment. We very much look forward to seeing this brand go from strength to strength here."

Pediatra Baby Cream Spray.

Just one layer is sufficient to achieve the desired effect. In fact, each 100ml spray provides up to 3 x times more applications than other well-known brands. Perfect for using on the go or at home. The spray dispenser is also super hygienic as no direct contact is needed with the cream, reducing the risk of cream contamination.

  • Free-from alcohol, parabens and animal derived ingredients
  • Concentrated nappy cream formula with protecting zinc, soothing chamomile and calendula
  • Protects baby's delicate skin and also heals irritated, sore skin
  • No animal derived ingredients
  • Up to 3 x times more applications than other well-known brands
  • Hygienic spray dispenser

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